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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Faking Iowa Nice...

Two days after Bill Clinton made this comment:
"If you listen to the people who are most strongly for him, they say basically, 'We have to throw away all these experienced people, because they have been through the wars of the nineties,'" Clinton said in an interview on PBS' The Charlie Rose show. "'They made enough decisions and enough calls that they made a few mistakes, and what we want is someone who started running for president a year after he became a senator because he's fresh, he's new, he's never made a mistake. And he has massive political skills, and we're willing to risk it.'"

Asked later in the interview if he thought voters would be "rolling the dice about America" if they elect Obama president, Clinton did not outright disagree, saying, "It's less predictable."
In their every continuing attempt to fake Iowa Nice, Bill Clinton then backtracked today and said:
...he seemed to say Barack Obama is too inexperienced to be commander-in-chief, but the former president told CNN Tuesday that's not what he meant to suggest.

“I am trying to say that I agree with what the Des Moines Register said that Hillary has the best record of positive change making in other people’s lives, and I think it is important and I think that this is why they endorsed her,” the former president told CNN's Suzanne Malveaux.

“I bragged on all of them," he continued. "Sen. Obama, Sen. Edwards, all of them — I like them, I think she has the best record of making change in other people's lives in the most different circumstances and I think that's very important for the next president.”
Bill... I love you man... and I appreciate you're trying to help out your wife... but really, you're not.


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