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Monday, December 04, 2006

And he's off...

Well not really... but the news of the weekend was that Sen Bayh announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee on ABCNews "This Week with George Snuffalupagus". I thought it was even better that he did it on the same show that had a profile of Gov Vilsack... "Excuse me Governor Vilsack, I'll take some of that thunder..."

Bayh and Vilsack are quite similar... Bayh has all the credentials Vilsack has and then some... Bayh has more foreign affairs experience. Iowa is modelling their education program after Bayh's 21st Century Scholars program. Bayh has a ton of more money. Bayh has more homestate support. When asked who they wanted for president earlier this year, only 10% of Iowans said Vilsack. Vilsack said to Snuffy yesterday that it was because they didn't know him as a Presidential candidate yet... if I hadn't heard that line before I'm sure I would have snorted coffee out my nose laughing so hard.

Anyways... Bayh's off and running. He'll be in Iowa today... Go Bayh Go!


  • At December 17, 2006 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The two main things against Bayh at this stage, however, are that he is also relatively unknown in the larger stage and that he is a Senator. Only two Senators have risen to be President, the last being JFK (if I remember right)...Most come from the governorships. I hope that he can buck those odds because I think he might be a way to return to an America that we as its constituents and that the world as its allies can be proud of.


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