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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Meet David Orentlicher

David Orentichler is the current Representative of the 86th House District in the Indiana House of Representatives. David won the seat in 2002 by unseating Rep Jim Atterholt by 37 votes. Those 37 votes gave not only David the 86th District seat, but also Democrats control of the Indiana House, 51-49. Since that time David been targeted by Indiana Republicans. In 2004, David won re-election by almost 4000 votes, but Democrats lost control of the Indiana House.

The 86th District runs down the center of northern Indianapolis, from the south side of Carmel down to 25th St in Indianapolis. It contains some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Indianapolis and some of the poorest. David makes it a point to get out and knock on doors of everyone in the district.

David is a nationally respected expert on bio-ethics, having earn both a medical degree and law degree from Harvard. He is the Samuel R. Rosen Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Law and Health at Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis and an adjunct professor at Indiana University School of Medicine where he serves as faculty in the Center for Bio-ethics.

David worked for the American Medical Association directing their division on medical ethics. While there he wrote the first ever Patient Bill of Rights. He's also co-authored text books, Health Care Law and Ethics and Matters of Life and Death. David's also authored dozens of journal articles in leading medical and law journals.

Since coming to the Indiana House, David's worked hard for the 86th District and all of Indiana. David co-authored legistlation that moved to protect children in abusive situations. He also co-authored legistlation mandating child ride in safety booster seats in cars. Knowledgable in both health and law, David is a strong advocate for for medical issues.

Once again in 2006, David has become the target of some of the most vicious ads in Indiana. In one ad his opponent sent out a mailer with pictures of abused children claiming that David would be dangerous to Indiana children despite the fact that David co-authored legistlation to protect children in abusive situations. His opponent, Kathryn Densborn, opposed stem cell research and abortion, even if the mother's life is endangered.

In 2004 and 2006 David's been endorsed by the Indianapolis Star:
Orentlicher deserves the nod for his four years of thoughtful initiative on such vital issues as child protection, education and health care. A professor of law and medicine with specialties in constitutional law and medical ethics, he brings a rare level of expertise to the office.

Orentlicher supports greater investment in education, including full-day kindergarten. After more than a year of study, he plans to offer legislation to try a pilot program of health insurance funding for low-income people and small business, modeled after the federal system for veterans.
If you'd like to help David is his campaign, please make a donation. I look forward to David being my representative for the next two years... and perhaps even moving up to a higher office.


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