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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Human Rights Campaign Scorecard

Here's a shocker for you... Hoosier Democrats scored well on the Human Rights Campaign 2006 Scorecard and Hoosier Republican... well they didn't. I could be wrong, but it probably has something to do with trying to deny basic human rights to gays...

In the Senate, Senator Bayh scored an 89% while Senator Lugar scored a big fat ZERO...

In the House, Rep. Visclosky scored a 75% while Rep. Carson scored a 88%. Of the Hooser Republican Reps, only Hostettler managed to escape the goose-egg. He opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment (which scored triple) on the grounds that the Federal Gov't didn't belong in the debate. Hostettler scored a 38% while the rest of the Republican Congressmen (Chocola, Souder, Pence, Buyer, Burton and Sodrel) scored a big fat ZERO.

For those keeping score...

Hoosier Democrats average: 84%
Hoosier Republicans average: 4.8%


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