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Friday, October 06, 2006

Five Questions with Katherine Carr

Katherine Carr is taking on her old nemesis, Dan Burton, once again. Playing David to Burton's Goliath for the third time, Carr is ready for the challenge of running for the Indiana 5th Congressional District seat. One look at her website and it's abundantly clear that Carr prides herself in her patriotism, faith and dedication to both Indiana and the United States.

A longtime community activist, Carr has been involved in numerous community groups, including the Marion County Citizen Alumni Association, St. Patrick Church, American Legion Auxiliary and the VFW Auxiliary, as well as many years teaching.

Mrs. Carr was kind enough to answer my 5 questions...

1. What is the greatest challenge that is facing citizens in Central Indiana and how can their Representative help them in that?
Jobs, education, healthcare and Social Security. I can help by making the right votes and not backing down.
2. What do you think is your strongest asset in running for Congress?
That I am a moderate/conservative in a primarily conservative district. I believe all the people in the 5th are important.
3. When you are elected to Congress, who do you think you¢ll be most like when developing a political style?
Sorry, I can give them to you in order, but get these 5 to work together and you can't lose. I feel that each of these have something about them that I share or want to share in my own makeup.

Bayh-coolness, thinking through what he does, bipartisan, moderate, caring for all, listening to all, able to see ahead and reach across the aisle. ( Don't you think Susan would make a great First Lady?)

Hillary-the passion she has and her ability to draw people to her point of view. She's strong and brilliant.

Casey-his commitment to his beliefs and values.

Biden-a great stateman, stands up for America.

Murtha-a passionate man who sticks to his guns and what he believes in.
4. What has been the biggest challenge while running for Congress?
It might not be good to print the next one, but it has been the most difficult. However, it keeps me centered as I know I should be. I am a definite moderate.

The opposition, fighting an uphill battle with Democrats (those Democrats who run the party) as well as Republicans.
5. The 5th District has some very different demographics, from the suburbs of Indianapolis to small farms. What will you do in Congress to ensure that all of your constituents are treated equally and fairly?
I will have people with the knowledge and ability to represent these groups on my staff and advise me.


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