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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Associated Press on Bayh

The AP has published two articles in the last few days which has been picked up by papers across the country.

The first article, Indiana Senator Bayh keeps strong presence in Iowa, was seen in the Boston media. The second, Sen. Bayh seeks edge in Democratic field, has been seen in places like Roanoke, VA. Mike Glover is the author of both articles.

The first article talks about how it's Sen Bayh's 5th visit to Iowa and mentions his support for Sen Lieberman (which is probably why it's in the Boston Globe).
"I've raised money for him and I've supported him," Bayh said. "If Joe asks, I absolutely would go up there" to campaign for Lieberman.

Democrats who have supported Lieberman will face a tough choice if he loses in the primary. Lieberman has taken steps to run as an independent if he loses, which would put him against another Democrat in the election.

Bayh would not say what he would do in that case.

"That's a hypothetical question that I think isn't going to happen," Bayh said. "I think that Joe is going to win. He has a good record and a progressive record on many issues."
It's nice to see Sen Bayh being nice to his friend but f course anyone with half a brain can tell you what he would do if Lieberman lost.

The article also has a quote from the Iowa Republican Party Executive that tries to paint Sen Bayh as a liberal, something the liberals in the party would howl at.
Iowa Republican Party Executive Cullen Sheehan said Bayh repeatedly voted against Bush's tax cut proposals and supports an estate tax.

"The fact that Sen. Bayh supports these measures proves that he is out of touch with what the people of Iowa want," Sheehan said.
Obviously Mr Sheehan hasn't heard anything that Sen Bayh has said about the estate tax and is just parroting Republican talking points.

The 2nd article is by far the more interesting one. It talks about Sen Bayh is starting to make inroads in Iowa.
In a quiet, methodical style reflecting his Midwestern roots, Sen. Evan Bayh is laying the foundation for a presidential campaign and prompting some Democrats to talk about a candidate with a realistic shot.

"The chatter that you hear is that he's a good guy and nice and he has that honest, Midwestern feel to him, kind of like Harry Truman," said veteran Democratic strategist Dane Strother. "That's all appealing."
Bayh's close attention to retail politics has earned him high marks as Iowa Democrats head into a competitive election with an open governor's race, toss-up House races and a legislature that's virtually tied. Bayh planned to attend eight events raising money for local candidates.

"He is making inroads here," said former Iowa Democratic Chairman Gordon Fischer. "He is doing what it takes to be successful in the Iowa caucuses, and that is a lot of retail politics."

Tom Courtney, a state senator from Burlington, Iowa, was getting some help from Bayh.

"When I'm around town, I'm starting to hear Bayh's name mentioned," Courtney said. "Democrats are looking for somebody who is new and fresh."


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