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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


A new CNN poll is out... and it's confirming what we've been saying all along. Clinton, Kerry and Gore might be great Democrats and we might like them personally, but they won't be facing an uphill battle to win a general election, it'll be a climb up Everest.

The poll asked the question "Would you: Definately vote for, Consider vote for, or Definately vote against" various candidates (Sen Bayh wasn't one of them).

For the Republicans they chose Guiliani, McCain and Jeb Bush...

Guiliani got a 19% Definate for, 30% definate against and 45% consider
McCain got 12% definate for, 34% definate against and 48% consider
Jeb Bush got 9% definate for, 63% definate against and 26% consider

For the Dems they chose Clinton, Gore and Kerry and it didn't look pretty for any of them...

Clinton got 22% For, 47% against and 28% consider
Gore got 17% for, 48% against and 32% consider
Kerry got 14% for, 47% against and 35% consider

In all three cases, nearly half of all polled said they would definately not vote for the Democrat. Not a good sign guys... Not a good sign.

Which just shows that we need more fresh blood. We need someone who doesn't divide people, but rather unites them. Simply winning the same voters we won in 2004 is not going to be enough. This is why we need someone like Evan Bayh.


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