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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Slight of Hand

Note: I wrote this yesterday, but Blogspot was having problems...

Republicans are the master of this and we are witness to it again today in the Senate. Instead of dealing with the critical issues of the day (Iraq, Homeland Security, Health Care, Energy or Disaster Preparedness), the President and Senate Leadership want to debate Gay Fracking Marriage.

Please. Is there an issue that is LESS important? Not only is it not important, it's a dead issue. The GOP leadership can't get 50 votes in the Senate, much less the 67 votes needed to pass a Constitutional Amendment.

They say they're protecting the sanctity of marriage.

First off I have a problem with the Government protecting the sanctity of anything. Sanctity is defined as "holiness". Since when did our government start protecting the holiness of things? When did our government start decided what was holy and what wasn't?

Secondly, do we really need to protect the institution of marriage? Seriously, according to the Census Bureau, there are on average 2.2 million marriages performed in the country each year. On average there 54%-57% of adults in the US are married. Do we really need to protect something this prolific? I heard someone compare it to the EPA putting crabgrass on the endangered species list.

Fourthly, if they were truly interested in protecting the sanctity of marriage they really try to protect it. Outlaw divorce or make marriage harder. In September of 2005, there were over 70,000 divorces in the US (not counting a half dozen states that didn't report them).

Finally, if your marriage is hurt by two people exchanging rings and pledging to love each other, then perhaps the problem isn't with the gay people getting married, but maybe the problem is in your own marriage. I've been married for coming up on 10 years now and NEVER has anyone else's marriage affected the way I feel towards my wife and the way she feels towards me.

Well the Senate voted on the cloture motion of end debate and vote on the Amendment. They needed 60 votes to invoke cloture. They got 49. Yes this is a good use of the Senate's time.


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