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Thursday, June 01, 2006

BBC's take on '08 contenders...

I always like to look at the international media to get a fresh perspective on US politics... the BBC has posted their review of '08 contenders. Here's what they have to say about Sen Bayh:

Who is he? Two-term senator from the solidly Republican state of Indiana in the Midwest, and its governor for eight years before that.

Why take him seriously? On the (as-yet undeclared) campaign trail in the key state of Iowa, he has emphasised his ability to win over voters in traditionally Republican states - which any Democrat hoping to capture the White House must do. Liberals are likely to respond well to his voting against Bush nominees to the Supreme Court, and conservatives may appreciate his principled defence of the Iraq war.

What's going to stand in his way? Sen Bayh does not set crowds alight with his passion, to put it mildly. His style has been described by admirers as folksy - and by critics as ho-hum, nondescript and boring.

Did you know? Evan Bayh's father Birch Bayh also represented Indiana in the Senate, from 1963 to 1981.

Obviously they're still working using the old Sen Bayh profile and haven't seen him recently...


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