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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Camp Evan Bayh

What a busy weekend… This past weekend saw two great events for us political junkies in Indiana.

First was Camp Evan Bayh. Senator Bayh’s All America PAC established Camp Bayh as a means to train campaign workers to take back Indiana and the rest of the country. It was a three day workshop which taught all the important facets of campaigning. There were three different tracks in Camp Bayh, one for future candidates, one for veteran campaigners and one for future professional campaigners. I chose the future professional.

The future professional track started off with training on how to develop your campaign plan and message on Friday night. On Saturday, it focused on fundraising, earned media (setting up press conferences/media events), volunteer recruitment, election law and how to handle crisis situations. It also featured a presentation on the Camp Bayh Full Immersion program… more on that in a sec.

At the end of the day on Saturday Senator Bayh came and spoke to us. He remarks were actually short and then he opened it up to questions. The questions ranged from personal (Did Susan and the boys come?) to the current NSA dustup to state rights vs Federal Gov’t. Sen Bayh kept answering questions until he was running late, even after they were telling him it was time to go. “Nyah, I got time for a couple more questions…”

After the Senator’s Q&A, I high-tailed it over to the Indiana State Jefferson Jackson dinner, which was the second event of the weekend. I’m not going to go into detail about that because I already did once for All America PAC’s blog. I’ll just say I had a great time. Thanks Chris!

Sunday’s Camp Bayh was more about campaigning… How to canvas a neighborhood, what it’s like to be on a campaign, how to run phone banks and GOTV.

All in all it was an outstanding experience. I would encourage anyone who is able to sign up for the next Camp Bayh in South Bend from July 7-9.

The other really exciting thing they talked about was the Camp Bayh Full Immersion program. All America PAC will select 50 people to go through this program. The program consists of a 2nd 4-Day workshop followed by a 3 month paid internship in an important campaign somewhere across the country. Following the internship there will be a 2 day debriefing/job fair with Senator Bayh to get you started on your new political career. Wow. I only wish I was 10-15 years younger… I’d be all over that like… well I’d be all over it for sure.


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