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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Opportunity Knocks

And Hillary answers... (and by "Hillary" I mean her campaign)

Couple of notable opportunistic events today...

First... You may or may not have heard about the young lady who worked for KBR in Iraq. She claims she was confined against her will (can you be confined willingly?) and repeatedly raped by employees of KBR and that KBR is covering it up. Her congressman, Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, has been all over the State Department trying to get some accountability because as we all know, KBR has no checks on it in Iraq. Army doctors did a rape kit on her but it magically disappeared after it was turned over to KBR security (WHAT?!?!?!). Two years later and the State Department can't even confirm that there's an investigation going on, much less anyone is considering charges against the animals that did it... Well she can rest easy now... because Hillary is calling for an investigation now! Phew. I'm sure Congressman Poe is wondering why Hillary is suddenly so interested in the case... Maybe it's because it's 3 weeks before the caucuses.

Secondly... Hillary's co-chair of NH is saying that Barrack's admission to using drugs as a kid will open him up for attack. Personally I believe the general public is a bit more intelligent than to fall for those kinds of attacks, but even if they are... Umm... Excuse me... Pot, Kettle, Black? Hillary is open for FAR more completely-baseless attacks than Barrack... Whitewater, Vince Foster, Travelgate, blah blah blah. Barrack's candor on the issue is at the least refreshing. How many people rolled their eyes when Bill said "I didn't inhale..." What did Barrack say? "Of course I inhaled... that was the point." At best it gives him credibility when he talks about drugs to kids. "I've been there, I know."


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