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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

First hand account of Bayh's AIPAC speech

Brad Levinson attended the AIPAC dinner last night, head-lined by Sen Bayh and Sen Susan Collins. He gave the following report:

But I was truly, pleasantly surprised by Evan Bayh. Before I saw him speak, I've gotta say that I thought he wouldn't get anywhere in the primaries. After this, i feel like I've truly got to re-evaluate.

I was most impressed with his stance on renewable energy. Until now, I haven't heard any politician mention not only truly working for energy independence, but the potential economy and economic value of investing and employing workers in this industry. For the longest time, it's baffled me as to why nobody's mentioned this. If Bayh hammers away at this, he's got not only the benefits of energy dependence in the frame of national security, but for economic populism as well. I really believe that this can take him VERY far.

What struck me the most was his polished presence. Eye contact, correct hand gestures, and a really natural feel to his delivery. Even when the stage lights went out and the lighting staff had to put up intense exit lights directly onto him, he didn't flinch. Elizabeth, my girlfriend didn't even notice that technical difficulties had occurred because Bayh didn't hesitate for a second on continuing his speech. He remained completely uninterrupted.

Most importantly -- he stayed. Greeted people as we were all walking out, took pictures, everything. He shook my hand, and I told him that I could very well wear my "Bayh! 2008" after that speech. "Bless your heart," he replied.

Well Brad, I do have to say that I'm jealous you got to hear Sen Bayh speak... and we'll be happy to add you to the list of Bayh supporters!


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