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Saturday, February 25, 2006

What the Republicans are thinking...

From Hunt For Red October
Captain Ramius: [in Russian] You speak Russian.
Jack Ryan: [in Russian] A little. It is wise to study the ways of ones adversary. Don't you think?
Captain Ramius: [in English] It is.

So... I like to visit the Republican sites... of them being Here's a nugget from their site regarding Sen Bayh's prospective candidacy...


This guy is what Democrats used to be like and should be like.

He could win the White House, if he gets the Dem. nomination.
If Bayh runs, he wins. Repubs are going to have a tough time keeping the presidency.

Bayh will take my state (Indiana) easily. The swing voters in the other states will pick him because he's handsome and friendly, and that's what the swing voters like.

The only way the pubs win is if the dems run a far lefty who can't disguise his or her far lefty-ness.
If Bayh gets the nomination he will win the Election by winning Indiana, Ohio and all the existing Blue States.
Hillary is 2008's Howard Dean. She'll charm the Democratic base, get all kinds of internet cash, but Bayh will trounce her in Iowa. The Dems are very, very tired of losing and they will not nominate another northeast liberal.
It would not be that big but he would run the Table in the Midwest and the GOP would not have a chance in IN, MI, WI, OH and WV each of which have been at least in play.
I don't think it'd be Reaganesque (that would probably come with Bayh's 2012 reelection) but I do think he'd sweep the Midwest and Southwest, obviously on top of the Northeast/Pacific liberal bastions, and he'd even cut into the South (AR, LA, FL and maybe VA, NC, TN).
Bayh would trounce Romney or especially Frist, IMHO. He would beat Jeb (who isn't running anyhow) and surely beat Condi and Cheney I think. I'm not so sure about Sen. Allen. I think Allen v Bayh would be another tight one. McCain would beat Bayh I think, but I dunno if he can get the nomination or who'd be worse for that matter. LOL
I can't decide who has a better chance of winning, Bayh or Clinton. The media much prefers Clinton, which may inflate her apparent ability to win. Bayh represents the direction that the Democrat party should turn in order to remain in existence, but Bayh has less name recognition. Clinton has the edge for now, but I wouldn't rule out Bayh.


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