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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Political Derby Update

Political Derby is a fun little website that shows how candidates are doing in the 2008 election... here's their latest update...

1 Hillary Clinton - Previous Ranking - 1, 2 and 3
For the first time since the rankings debuted, Hillary has horses in her rear view mirror. She's let her tongue out of the cage lately and it's punished her with a few significant faux paus. Nevertheless, she can still walk down any street in any major American metropolis and democrats practically throw their wallets at her. We still predict about the only thing that could derail her would be a former lover coming out on Larry King with details of a scandalous affair.

2 Mark Warner - Previous Ranking - 4
Warner has become the "it" guy on the PAC circuit and is generating more buzz than Bode Miller at a pre-race kegger. Though he's still an unknown across most of the country, the self-made gazillionaire won't have problems buying his way onto the backstretch of the 2008 race. But will four short years as Virginia governor and a career in cell phones ignite the base? Just imagine the campaign rallies, "Can you hear me now? Gooood."

3 Evan Bayh - Previous Ranking - 5
There may not be a more popular member of the Senate. His approval ratings are so astronomical they make even the Pope envious. If he can remind voters he was a successful two-term governor before joining the Congressional morgue, Bayh has a legit shot to challenge Warner as the anti-Hillary candidate.

4 John Kerry - Previous Ranking - 6
Though he continues to boast a remarkably loyal following and his volunteer network remains strong, it's almost impossible to imagine democrats giving the Frenchman another shot at the brass ring. Besides, will voters put someone with "hoof in mouth" disease in the White House?

5 John Edwards - Previous Ranking - 7
The younger half of Team Kedwards appears to be biting at the bit and rearing to go. Insiders say he may have learned more in 2004 than originally thought. He's courting unions 'round the clock and is uniting with Lethal Weapon's Danny Glover to protest low worker wages for trial attorneys.

6 Bill Richardson - Previous Ranking - 9
You would think that a governor having his "least productive [legislative] session ever" would be having a harder time gaining momentum. But Richardson has managed to turn his legislative defeats into political capital by championing tried and true party issues such as healthcare and minimum wage. Could his record on the issues save him from his record on his resume?

7 Tom Vilsack - Previous Ranking - 8
Who can argue against a guy fighting for the common man? Although Rocky Balboa he ain't, this Governor has run up the capital's steps calling for an end to all that threatens "working families." Although his policies are about as well understood as the Italian Stallion after a face full of Russian knuckle, he seems to be gaining some momentum.

8 Wes Clark - Previous Ranking - Unranked
Teaming up with Verizon and T- Mobile may not seem like the most typical political maneuver, but with the spotlight on privacy this ex-general has skillfully maneuvered his career with the finesse that would make Sun-Tzu proud. Clark is also butting in on Hillary's territory by staking out a stance on Iraq that criticizes the war without being defeatist.

9 Joe Biden - Previous Ranking - 10
Gotta love Joe; he has no problem speaking his mind. He has already acknowledged Hillary as the one to beat and is formulating a strategy to do just that. Given his popularity in the media, if a hearing about domestic eaves dropping does occur, expect to see the world tour of the Biden Talking Head.

10 Tom Daschle - Previous Ranking - Unranked
Being an ousted party leader tends to dent one's political ambitions. But apparently that won't keep this former Senate leader from giving a go at the White House. For now his only constituency seems to be media outlets who couldn't wrangle their first, second or seventeeth choices. In the end, democrats may have higher expectations than a more genial Oliver Twist pleading "please sir, I want some more."

Others receiving votes:

Howard Dean - something's wrong; it's been too long since he said something wacky

Russ Feingold - starting to dance with Ms. Momentum, but still a national unknown

Dianne Feinstein - could enough democrats decide she's a better choice to top the ticket than HRC?

Al Gore - even if global warming became a key issue, Gore wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell

Barak Obama - not ready for the top of the ticket, but a "stay out of the way" strategy could make him an attractive #2


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